Anne McClintock

A Barton Hepburn Professor in the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies and the High Meadows Environmental Institute
Affiliated Faculty: the Department of English, and Brazil Lab, Anthropology
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Anne McClintock is the A Barton Hepburn Professor in Gender and Sexuality Studies and the High Meadows Environmental Institute. She is an Affiliate at the Department of English, and Brazil Lab, Anthropology.

McClintock’s interdisciplinary and transnational work—both scholarly and creative—explores the intersections between race, gender and sexualities; imperialism and globalization, including Indigenous studies; visual culture and mass media; sexual and gender violence; militarization, climate chaos, and animal studies. 

McClintock is a public writer, photographer and activist, who is the author of Imperial Leather. Race, Gender and Sexuality in the Colonial Contest (1995) among other texts (Imperial Leather is translated into Portuguese as Couro Imperial - Raça, Gênero E Sexualidade No Embate (2018, second edition, 2019). McClintock has written monographs Simone de Beauvoir (Scribners), Olive Schreiner (Scribners), and Double Crossings: Madness, Sexuality and Imperialism (2001). She co-edited Dangerous Liaisons. Gender, Nation and Postcolonial Perspectives (1995) with Aamir Mufti and Ella Shohat; Queer Transexions of Race, Nation and Gender (1997) with Jose Esteban Munos and Philip Harper; and Sex Workers and Sex Work (1995).

McClintock's academic articles have appeared in PMLA, Critical Inquiry, Transition, Boundary II, New Formations, South Atlantic Quarterly, among many venues. Her creative essays and photographs have appeared in The Guardian, The New York Times, Guernica Magazine, Teen Vogue, E-Flux Magazine, The Nation, Jacobin, Truth Out, Edge Effects, The Times Literary Supplement, The Village Voice, among others.

Anne McClintock has won numerous awards, including two MacArthur SSRC Fellowships, Columbia University's Distinguished Human Rights Fellowship, the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, Feminist Scholars Award, four Columbia University's Presidential Fellowships, and the Charlotte Newcombe Fellowship. McClintock has been awarded fifteen Artist Residency Fellowships at MacDowell, Yaddo, Blue Mountain Center, and Dorland.

McClintock's photographs were most recently exhibited at the Chicago Architectural Biennial (2019); at TBA 21 Academy, Venice (2020); and at the launch of Oceans in Transformation, Venice, (2020). Her photographic exhibit “The Future is Now” appeared at Slought Gallery, "Collaborations" Exhibition, University of Pennsylvania, 2018, and is published in Collaboration: A Potential History of Photography, led by Ariella Aïsha Azoulay, Wendy Ewald, Susan Meiselas, Leigh Raiford and Laura Wexler (Fall 2020).

Anne McClintock has three books in progress: Unquiet Ghosts. From the Forever War to Climate Chaos (Duke U.P Trade Series); Skin Hunger. A Chronicle of Sex, Money and Desire (Jonathan Cape); and Planet of Intimate Trespass (Routledge). McClintock held the Simone de Beauvoir chair at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for 15 years.  

McClintock's work has been translated into 16 languagesOverall citations: 16,726