Works-in-Progress Series Book Publications

Subsequent book publications from GSS Scholars who gave talks in the Work-in-Progress Series.

Gregory Mitchell

(Williams College, ACLS Burkhardt Fellow in GSS)

Fall 2019 “40,000 Missing Girls: Moral Panics, Global Sporting Events, and the Spectacle of Sex Trafficking”

Book Cover: Panics without...

Samantha Majic

(City University of New York) 

Fall 2019 “Performing Feminism? Examining Celebrities’ Anti-Human Trafficking Activism”

Book cover: Lights, Camera...

Peter Coviello

(Professor of English, University of Illinois)

Spring 2018 “Make Yourselves Gods: Mormons, Polygamy, and The Biopolitics of Secularism”

Book Cover: Make yourselves

Wendy Warren

(Assistant Professor, History)

Spring 2017 “The Ethics of Recovering Interpersonal Violence: A Historian’s Dilemma”

Book Cover New England Bound

Heather Love

(Associate Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania) 

Fall 2016 “Waving/Drowning: Making Contact with the Queer Past”

Book Cover: Underdogs