Works-in-Progress Series Archive

FALL 2022

“Complete Transformability: The Incoherence of Sex at Two Eugenics Laboratories”
Beans Velocci (University of Pennsylvania) 

“Gender Bound: Prisons, Trans Lives, and the Politics of Violence”
Joss Greene (Syracuse University)

“Epistemology of Hoodies: Reflections on Blackness and Nonbinariness”
Marquis Bey (Northwestern University) 

“How to do the History of Trans Femininity”
Jules Gill-Peterson (Johns Hopkins University)

“Third World Women and the Rise of the Status of Women Report”
Durba Mitra (Harvard University)

FALL 2021

“Queer Fractals: Making History through Modern Jamaica”
Matthew Chin (University of Virginia)

“Refuse: Toward a Sucialogy of Culture”
Deborah Vargas (Rutgers University)

“Tri-Faith Contraception and the Politics of Race”
Samira Mehta (University of Colorado, Boulder)


“Being with Others: Language and Ethical Relationality among Thirunangai Transgender Women in Chennai, India”
Aniruddhan Vasudevan (Society of Fellows, Princeton University) 

“Breakthrough: The Making of #MeToo, Collective Witness, and Survivor Testimony”
Leigh Gilmore (Ohio State University)

“Infamous Icons: The Last Supper and the Explicit Body with Judy Chicago and Renee Cox”
Anthony Petro (Boston University) 

“Civil Rights and Moral Wrongs: The Politics of Gay Pride in Metropolitan Atlanta, 1976-1977”
Jennifer Jones (University of Michigan)

FALL 2020

“The Racial Politics of Sexual Freedom”
Greta LaFleur (Yale University)

“Debt, Race, and Health: Medical Deportations and Narratives of the Burdensome Migrant”
Lisa Sun-Hee Park (University of California, Santa Barbara)


“Disability, Eco(In)justice) and Transnational Solidarity”
Nirmala Erevelles (University of Alabama) 
Co-sponsored by: Carl A Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding, Disability Studies Working Group

FALL 2019

“40,000 Missing Girls: Moral Panics, Global Sporting Events, and the Spectacle of Sex Trafficking”
Gregory Mitchell (Williams College, ACLS Burkhardt Fellow in GSS)

“Born This Way: Science and Citizenship in the American LGBTQ Movement”
Joanna Wuest (Lecturer in the Council of the Humanities and Politics Fund for Reunion-Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow in the Society of Fellows) 
Co-sponsored by: LGBT Center

“Performing Feminism? Examining Celebrities’ Anti-Human Trafficking Activism”
Samantha Majic (City University of New York) 


“The Interruption of Everything: Toward a Black Feminist Theory of Time”
Brittney Cooper (Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, Rutgers University)
Co-sponsored by the Department of African American Studies 

“Articulating and Enacting Black Disability Politics in the National Black Women's Health Project”
Sami Schalk (Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Co-sponsored by the Department of African American Studies 

“Domestic Cages: A Black Feminist Reconsideration of Carceral History”
Sarah Haley (Professor of Gender Studies, University of California, Los Angeles)
Co-sponsored by the Department of African American Studies and the Modern American Workshop (Center for Collaborative History)

“Dancing Against the Law: Critical Moves in Queer Bangalore”
Kareem Khubchandani (Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Tufts University)
Co-sponsored by the Program in Dance (Lewis Center for the Arts)

FALL 2018

“Agency, Work, and Sleep: An Intersectional Feminist Reading”
Cressida Heyes (Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of Gender and Sexuality, University of Alberta)
“The Matter of Black Life and Death: Epigenetics, Black Women, and American Health Insurance”
 Catherine Clune-Taylor (Postdoctoral Fellow, GSS)  

“Beyond Frats, Booze, and Physical Force: Complicating Conversations about Power and Campus Sexual Assault”
 Jennifer S. Hirsch (Professor of Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University)

SPRING 2018 

“Trafficking Rhetoric: Modern-Day Slavery and Racialized Border Control”
Annie Hill (Assistant Professor in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota)

“Make Yourselves Gods: Mormons, Polygamy, and The Biopolitics of Secularism”
Peter Coviello (Professor of English, University of Illinois)

“Queer Postmemory: HIV/AIDS in the Aftermath of Peru’s Internal Armed Conflict”
Justin Perez (Lecturer, Princeton University)

FALL 2017

“Making Race with Testosterone: The Science of Parental Investment”
Rebecca Jordan-Young (Tow Associate Professor, Columbia University)

“So Moved: Ferment, Jelly, Intoxication, Rot”
 Kyla W. Tompkins (Associate Professor, Pomona College)

“Intimate Contracts: Queer Attachments, Risk and the Word of Law”
Tey Meadow (Assistant Professor, Columbia University)

SPRING 2017 

“Survivors of Clergy Sexy Abuse at Ground Zero of the Secular”  
Robert Orsi (Professor of Religion, Grace Craddock Nagle Chair in Catholic Studies, Northwestern University)
Co-Sponsorship: Program in American Studies 

“Theory in the Flesh: Towards a New Politics of Illness and Identity”
Tala Khanmalek (postdoctoral fellow, GSS and AMS)

“The Ethics of Recovering Interpersonal Violence: A Historian’s Dilemma”
Wendy Warren (Assistant Professor, History)

“Words Per Minute: Time Compression in the 1970s, from Talking Books to Televison”
Mara Mills (Associate Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU)   

FALL 2016 

 “Securing Cisgendered Lives: A Critique of the Pathologization of Gender Variance in Children” 
Catherine Clune-Taylor (postdoctoral fellow, GSS)  

“The Army’s Business is Martial, not Maternal: Unwed Mothers, Single Parents, and the Military Welfare State”
Serena Mayeri (Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania)
Co-Sponsorship: Program in Law and Public Affairs 

“We are Satisfied with the Rocks: Indigeneity and the Theft of Land and Life at Måkua, Hawaii”
Laurel Mei-Singh (postdoctoral fellow, AMS)
Co-Sponsorship: Program in American Studies 

“Waving/Drowning: Making Contact with the Queer Past”
Heather Love (Associate Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania)
Co-Sponsorship: Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities