Sex and Gender Complexity in Scientific Research

Dec 6, 2023, 4:30 pm6:00 pm
100 Arthur Lewis Auditorium, Princeton, NJ 08544, ,
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Event Description
Researchers across disciplines  increasingly recognize the importance of accounting for the intersectional complexity of sex and gender. There is undeniable evidence that sex-related biological variables (such as chromosomes, hormones, external genitalia and internal reproductive structures) develop in ways that cannot be easily sorted to stereotypical binary categories. To further complicate the picture, gender-related social variables (like roles, identities, and behaviors) are temporally and culturally specific, and can shape sex differences. Oversimplified accounts of sex and gender detract from research quality in ways that can harm those the research takes up, or fails to take up. This panel will discuss the importance of, and the challenges posed by accounting for sex and gender complexity in empirical research, as well as the tight relationship between rigor and equity where investigating sex and gender differences is concerned.

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-Mia Miyagi, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Computational Molecular Biology and the Data Science Institute, Brown University
-Agustín Fuentes, Professor, Anthropology, Princeton University
-Catherine Clune-Taylor, Assistant Professor, Program in Gender and Sexuality, Princeton University

Presented by the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Organized by Catherine Clune-Taylor