Marquis Bey: Epistemology of Hoodies: Reflections on Blackness and Nonbinariness

Feb 23, 2022, 12:00 pm1:20 pm


Event Description
Marquis Bey

This talk will use the hoodie as a way to suture a theorization of blackness and nonbinariness. In other words, the hoodie, as an obscuration of corporeality and thus the presumption of transparent meaning, engenders a co-reading between the fugitive impulses of blackness and the gender radicality of nonbinariness.

Marquis Bey is Assistant Professor of African American Studies and English, and core faculty in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Critical Theory, at Northwestern University. Bey is the author of several monographs, most recently Black Trans Feminism (Duke, 2022) and the forthcoming Cistem Failure: Essays on Blackness and Cisgender (Duke, August 2022).

Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies