About the Program

Gender and Sexuality Studies has a long and rich history at Princeton University. 

Originally established in 1982 as Women’s Studies, the program was renamed Gender and Sexuality Studies in 2011 to reflect the trajectory and expanded reach of teaching and scholarship among Princeton faculty and in the field more generally.  Faculty and students in GSS are dedicated to the study of gender and sexuality in their complex articulations with race, ethnicity, class, disability, religion, nationality, and other intersections of identity, power, and politics.

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Certificate Programs

The Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies offers undergraduate and graduate certificates with an interdisciplinary focus on gender and sexuality.

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Introductory Course

Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies (SA)
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GSS 201

Our introductory course provides a historically and theoretically nuanced overview of approaches to studying gender and sexuality, and our seminars offer focused considerations of more thematic areas of study.  By emphasizing a rigorous interdisciplinary perspective in our teaching and research, GSS faculty equip students with a range of analytical and methodological skills (GSS 201 is normally offered in the spring semester).

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Meredith Miller Memorial Lecture