Graduate Certificate

Students shall declare their intention to acquire a graduate certificate in the study of gender and sexuality either when they accept their offers to come to their departments at Princeton; at the end of their first year as graduate students; or at the start of the semester in which they intend to take their Ph.D. qualifying exams. At that time they will contract to meet the following requirements in order to receive certification in the Program:

  • Regular participation in the student-led graduate colloquium, including the presentation of a dissertation chapter or paper;
  • Participation in the Graduate Student Working Group;
  • Regular participation in GSS conferences, symposia, and events, and workshops on pedagogy and professionalization offered throughout the academic year;
  • A Ph.D. thesis on a topic devoted in large part to gender and sexuality issues.  Any questions about this focus can be addressed with the Program Director.
  • Upon completion of all of these requirements, and at the receipt of an M.A. or Ph.D. diploma in his or her discipline, the Director shall award the student a letter of certification in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Students seeking the certificate in gender and sexuality should contact Maria Papadakis at 609-258-5430 or for more information. All students seeking this certificate must be currently enrolled at Princeton University as part of a degree-granting department.

Students interested in the Graduate Student Working Group should contact the 2019-2020 graduate student organizers,  Jamie K. Pelling and EmmaThompson